ISO15489-1 Information and Documentation - Records Management - Part I: General (PDF)

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    Year: 2001
    Author: International Organization for Standardization
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    Based on the Australian Standard AS 4390, Records Management, this ISO standard was developed to standardize international best practice in records management. It provides guidance on managing records of originating organizations, (public or private, for internal and external clients) to ensure that adequate records – in all formats and media – are created, captured, and managed. This standard also provides guidance on

    • determining organizational responsibilities for records and records policies, procedures, systems, and processes
    • supporting a quality process framework to comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
    • designing and implementing a records system (but not the management of archival records within archival institutions)

    Procedures that help to ensure the management of records according to the principles and elements outlined in this part of ISO 15489 are provided in ISO/TR 15489-2 Information and Documentation — Records Management —Part 2: Guidelines

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    The document is available in the United States in hard copy format through Global Engineering Documents. Order at or by calling 800/854-7179. If you are ordering from outside the United States, you may determine the ISO member body in your country by visiting the ISO Web site at

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